The European Tax Model

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Americans need apply the European Tax model
In the United States, the amount of tax income one owes is based on annual income level.
United State citizens do not know where large fractions of their tax money goes like the citizens do in Europe. Tax rate in Europe is more beneficial because the United States does not use taxpayer money to primarily fund health, education and welfare (etc.) for every citizen like the European tax model sets out to do. The United States should adopt the European tax model because it covers general welfare in assorted aspects, contributing to longer life spans, less stress-induced lives and higher success rates as a result of the various benefits they receive.
According to, the European tax
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Covering welfare through taxation promotes easier access to healthy living and financial situations. Unlike the United States, Europe has the incentive to protect every persons welfare through their taxation and “European governments redistribute income amongst their citizens on a much larger scale than does the United States government. European social programs are more generous and reach a larger share of citizens” (Alberto Alesina, Edward Glaeser and Bruce Sacredote) and European citizens get to live under a country where the main focus of the government is on each and every…show more content…
According to, in the 1990’s Sweden's people contained the highest unemployment rate as a result to these taxation laws. Claimed to be the untold story of Sweden and the European socialist tax model, “ the Swedes gave up a tradition lasting a generation. They started voting for non- socialist governments . These parties have won the past two elections in a row. In response, the Social Democrats have joined in the movement towards greater realism. It is reminiscent of Labour giving up on state ownership” (Bartholomew) and resulted in reforms to make Sweden a capitalist country, but it has not happened yet. This took place in the 1990’s and based on off my research things have drastically changed since those votes. Sweden has the most socialist government in Europe today, with 60% of annual tax income being provided and distributed to and through the citizens of Europe. Of course, focusing on their welfare, medicare and education. All of these benefits contribute to less-stress induced life; In aspects of life such as physically, mentally and
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