The Events In The First And Second Chapter Of Job

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The story of Job is one of the most powerful stories in the protestant bible. In this paper, I will discuss the events in the first and second chapter of Job. In the conclusion of this paper, I will give my final opinion about the story of Job. According to the bible, Job was the greatest man among all the people in the East. Job had a big, wonderful family and he owned a lot of animals. Also, Job was a very righteous man and he faithfully served God. Although Job was an upright man, his faith was going to be tested by God. In the sixth verse, the bible tells the readers that when the sons of God came to present themselves to the Lord, Satan was among them. Immediately, God asked Satan about his whereabouts and Satan told him that he was walking through the Earth. After Satan explained his whereabouts to God, God started bragging on his servant, Job. Satan immediately challenged God by saying Job only served him because he has been good to him. Ultimately, Satan wanted to prove that Job would curse God if he lost everything that he had. The bible tells the readers that God gave Satan permission to mess up Job’s life to test Job’s faith. One day, while Job was minding his…show more content…
The second chapter of Job clearly states that the sons of God met again, but the bible does not give the exact time period. The story in the first chapter is longer and it provides more details than the story in second chapter. Also, in the first chapter, many aspects of Job’s life were tampered with while only one bad thing happened to him in the second chapter. Both of these chapters follow the same pattern. In the beginning of the first chapter of Job, the sons of God met and this is the same set up in chapter two. These meetings are vital to the story of Job and both chapters include a discussion between God and the Satan. Likewise, Job remains loyal to God in both chapters, despite all of his
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