The Events That Happened In 'The Diary Of Anne Frank'

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The events that happened in “The Diary Of Anne Frank” was Anne Frank had to go into hiding in her attic with some of her family members and a couple of strangers for two years straight because the Germans were invading everywhere and Hitler was in charge of the catastrophe that was happening.
It all started in January 1, 1944, when Anne Frank was a teenager and Anne Frank and some of her family members and a couple of strangers had been hiding with her in the attic for one year, five months and twenty-five days in the Netherlands.Anne was going through a tough time because most of the people that she was with would get into arguments and start thinking about negative or bad things are going to happen to them.Anne was furious about how her parents treat her and peter because they do not want them to be together,but it was Anne's only place to let of steam and express how she
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As the days went by the german came by and knocked on their house and as everyone got bags so that they can take with them the germans came into their house and told them that they had 5 minutes to grab what they needed and and Anne Frank left her diary behind so in case someone would find it and read it and they all were sent to Auschwitz,Anne and Margot died of a disease that they had in the concentration
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