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Through time, computers have evolutionized. They have affected the world around us in many different ways. Computers have been integrated into the government and have becomes part of our everyday life. Computers have gone as far as being part of our culture. The evolution of computers have altered our lives a great deal; it affects our government and the way we work and learn.
The improvement of computers can be classified into three generations of computers. The first generation of computers (from 1937 to 1946) were built primarily for the military and were only able to perform one task with no operation system. The second generation of computers (from 1947 to 1962) were much improved. They had over 100 different programming languages, they
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Computers are currently used in a majority of jobs and in society including, but not limited to, agriculture, architecture, art, commerce and global trade, communication, education, governance, law, music, politics, science, transportation, and writing. There are very few workplaces that do not use computers because computers are used for a vast array of things like organization, storage, retrieval of large amounts of information such as library catalogs or bank records, communication, and so much more (McIver 2002). They have ended some jobs, like information technology rooms, but it has also created some, like and IT specialist ( 2013).
Computers have also had an impact on education. As time goes on they are becoming part of the classroom more and more and grant access to so much information that could be used. Due to computers and things similar to computers, students are being taught how to apply their knowledge instead of just gaining knowledge (Lowe n.d). Individuals with computers can do more than ever before and are able to be more independent, but this independence also causes people to worry about how much independence it gives people and how it contributes to being anti-social instead of living life to the fullest (McIver

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