The Evolution Of Count Dracula

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Vampires have been a common monster used in horror literature; dating back to the 18th century. These creatures have been able to make an identity for themselves within the genre. For years authors have been able to take the essence of the vampire’s identity and ability by turning it into something new. The reinvention allows for there to be a fresh new take on the vampire’s identity and ability. The original template for a vampire has been created through Bram Stokers, Dracula. In this story, Count Dracula has a strange and refined way of communicating and behave strangely towards the protagonist Jonathan Harker; he also displays a wide collection of supernatural abilities, such as strength, the ability to shapeshift and his thirst for blood. Many authors have used this template in order to create their own vampiric creatures; each vampire having a special ability than the next within the realm of horror. As time moved on the vampiric creatures made their way into other genres; such as romance, comedy, science fiction and many more. An example of this evolution would take place in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. In this story, Edward Cullen (the vampire) falls in love with a human named Bella Swan. Due to this situation Edward begins to control his desire to suck her blood because he has fallen in love with her. Although Edward has the essence of a vampire, he seems to have the self-control Count Dracula does not seem to have. Along with this, there are several other examples
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