The Fluxus Movement In Art

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Fluxus is a mindset, which brought a group of artists together to fight against art - life dichotomy. Founded by George Maciunas, it was most active between the years 1962 and 1978; but their practice of art is only getting recognition recently from art historians and museums by being defined and validated as an avant-garde movement, although it is an attitude to creating art. Its name is given by Maciunas, first appeared as a title of the publication in 1961. Fluxus derives from being in a state of flux; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing stream, a continuing succession of changes and since it was filling a fluid space in its own days; it can be said that Fluxus has an open end. However, after Maciunas’ death, who published the works of Fluxus artists and organized concerts, events and exhibitions; it has been considered as over.…show more content…
Artists die but ideas live on until nobody is interested in them anymore and Fluxus is defined as an approach to art and culture, “a mood, a way of life impregnated with a superb freedom to think, express and choose”. This means Fluxus attitude can exist outside of the core group in Maciunas’ day, can be employed in certain art practices, even in today’s art scene and still be

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