The Evolution Of Globalization

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The notion of an existing globality it is not a recent concept, it can be traced back in our history. The commercial and cultural exchanges are not something new, however, the notion of globalization came in to place in order to explain a number of revolutionary changes that led to the compression of time and space, reducing distances and creating a highly interconnected world that has eroded barriers and led to a certain homogenization of global time and space.
The object of discussion of this essay is how globalization today is different from that of the XXth century. My argument will be that the difference between those two stages of globalization lies not only in the organization and structure of the global system itself but rather in the
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The international order that came out of in this period consisted of the projection of national capitalism towards regions located in the periphery of the industrialized world. In order to assure the enlargement of their economics, the great powers would coordinate in some commercial aspects in order to give a certain structure to international economy. However, in this context, the main international powers competed for influence in regions that could provide them with the necessary resources to develop their economies, a competence that led to an increasing tension that would end up in a major global conflict in 1914.
Therefore, the main characteristic of the global order of the beginning of the XXth century is that there was a not an autonomous global order but rather and international projection of nation-states aspirations1. Therefore, the global order of the late XIX and the beginning of the XXth century can be described with two words: imperialism and nationalism.
During the 30 ́s, the consolidation of Keynesian economics is nothing but an updated version of the nationalism inherited from the XIXth century, being the main objective the construction of strong national economies and their protection from external
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Not only can economic and political processes confined within a territory have consequences globally, but also local actors have now a role in global politics. The digital revolution
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4 Authorities such as International Arbitrations, private authorities in the commercial arena, qualification agencies.
5 Teubner Gunther. Societal Constitutionalism. In Transnational Governance and Constitutionalism. Hartford Publishing. Pp 41
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has allowed a number of actors to access arenas which where before exclusive of national-states. The current globalization has brought new political dynamics those are the politics originated from interconnected places through a global net that functions as an infrastructure for political action for the new global civil society. What it is completely new in the current globalization if the capacity to create political imaginaries among local actors that due to technologies can have a participation in the global
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