The Evolution Of Pornography

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Pornography is one of those terms that people know about and even engage in but are afraid to talk about. They way people have seen and engage in pornography have changed throughout the ages. People have developed a love and a hate towards pornography. For myself, I think that pornography is a good way to explore your sexuality. Pornography is “a graphic display of human sexuality”. (Alex, 2011) The first definition of pornography was “writing about prostitutes.” (Alex, 2011) For most usages, it is used for sexual arousal. Pornography is known to have began with the first sign of human intelligence. The Greeks have been known to have left behind depictions of heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, oral sex, orgies, and more. The first book with…show more content…
This was the beginning of porn industry. These films were sold and shot illegally by amateurs. The filmmakers displayed vivid illustrations of unrefined sexuality. They were usually sold to “bachelor parties, fraternity events, and other exclusively male gatherings.”(Weisman, 2015) Even though there was problem with distributing the content, it remained so popular to the point that it was formally introduced in 1951. Just two years later Hugh Hefner founded the Playboy Magazine. An important figure in porn history would be Lasse Braun. He was making short underground silent films such as Golden Butterfly. Braun had several criminal charges against him for producing obscene material. AB Beta film was a company he created and was the first to generate “hardcore films in color.”(Weisman,2015) Braun business partner made porn easier to access by creating “peep show booths.”(Weisman,2015) A peep show booth was an individual enclosed booth with coin-operated machines. When the money would stop going in the machine, the film would stop as…show more content…
A study was able to find abnormality in the frontal region of the brain which is associated with compulsivity due to patients’ inability to control their sexual behaviors. In a paper written by Dr.Eric Nestler, he described addiction as when “pleasure/reward pathways are hijacked by exogenous drugs such as cocaine or opioids, or by natural processes essential and inherent to survival such as food and sex”. The syndromes associated with these addictions are “compulsivity, emotional liability, impaired judgment, and impulsivity”. So basically having an addiction to heavy drugs is the same as an addiction to sexual behavior. There was a difference in people who casually watch porn and then those who don’t. The negative effects on the people who watch porn daily include “legal/occupational issues, social implications, physical problems, and financial troubles.” (Watts and Hilton,2011) In a study conducted by Mulac, Jansma, and Linz, they were able to find that men who watch porn displayed abusive dominance, increased anxiety, and rejected sexual offers from their partners. Pornography racked up a whooping 97 billion dollars in revenue in 2006, which was more than Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, and Netflix. There is no coincidence that there is a pornography addiction problem in the world based off those numbers. Porn is so easy to access now that small children

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