The Evolution Of Pornography In India

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India is the country where eroticism is a well understood concept, the evidence being the book named kamasutra written by Vatsyayana. It is considered to be a standard work on human sexual behaviour.
Pornography means movies,pictures,magazine,etc.,that shows or describes naked people or sex in a very open and direct way in order to cause sexual excitement. In recent times there have emerged many porn sites enabling teenagers easy access to the same. In this era of modernisation, the internet is the main vehicle to provide our technological advanced kids with pornography. The early encounter of porn amongst the kids leads to wrong perceptions about sex.

When anyone visit any website that contains adult contents, usually the website asks for your age to be 18 to further access the site. Most of the teenagers falsely agree to be 18 and continue with the webpage. In the recent times the rate of women watching porn has risen to 30% daily visitor. It is studied that an average time a woman watches porn is more than man.[1] Philippines and brazil takes the first positions with 35% women watcher of porn.
Prevalance of ponography in India is so wide that it runs for the third position in porn watch. The list is topped by the United States of America, followed by UK and then India. [2]
The most common reason males view pornography was to get aroused and to masturbate, whereas the females view pornography out of curiosity. The most frequent
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