The Evolution Of Racism In The World

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Racism is the belief that a particular race is higher or lower than the other people. Racism means to isolate and separate the different races from each other and away from other races. Racism has been found throughout history, and can be determined by the hatred of a person by another or the act on the basis that someone is less than the rest of the people because of hisher color of skin, language, nationality, religion or any other factors though these factors are genetically determined, which means that they are not optional and no one can control them. Racism idea itself has a long history; it has emerged from several many centuries ago. Over the past centuries, Western racism had a clear impact more than any other forms of racism in the history. The most prominent example, and also it is the worst in the western racism, is enslaving Africans in Western countries. They think that black Africans inferior to other people, especially white Europeans. They believe that they are monsters and detract from any other human being. For racism in the present day, it has declined significantly and a slight progress in the legal proceedings against them began ... As a proof of this progress: There are some agreements which started to call for the elimination of racism, as well as, in the late twentieth century black leaders show like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, and the most notably at the moment and which still governs until now, the US President Obama, who was

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