Khasi Matrilineal Culture

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6.1 Conclusion

The Khasi matriliny is changing and it is on a transitional adapting to the changes brought by many factors internally as well as externally, that has occurred over time are examined as the pre-requisite to show the transformation of the matrilineal society. In this study from the analysis it is clear that the cultural practices on the three principles i.e. marriage, lineage and inheritance. This principle as found after analysis has change in its practices especially in marriage and inheritance. However the Khasi lineage system is also changing in terms of perspective, attitude, and movements and even in its practice.
The paper concludes that over the time due to the changes brought by Evolution of time, Christianity, Modernization,
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With time every culture is evolving and change is very natural, Change is inevitable though Meghalaya is known for its matrilineal system, the Customary Khasi Laws, Customs, Social Structure which are unique and which they are proud of, needs to be discussed their relevance in the present day
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