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Journal #2 The excerpt from Mach Schau!: The Hamburg-Liverpool Apprenticeship was an interesting piece on the Beatles becoming a band. It talked about the ups and downs the band had while trying to land a record deal with EMI. The article stated that the Beatles were a band that the producer took a shot on because of their personalities not their musical ability. It talks about the Beatles tour to Hamburg, Germany and the impact that the touring had on their careers as musicians. It gave the reader insight on the conditions they had to live in, such as living in a movie theater with not bathroom while touring. It gave the reader a good understanding that at first the Beatles were a band that no one would have ever thought would be so successful. It will talk about how the Beatles really lacked a drummer for…show more content…
In that article, the reader gets to understand how blues and jazz impacted the rock’n’roll world and created the type of music the Beatles would become famous for producing. This article would talk about the upbringing of rock’n’roll music to the United Kingdom by the way of people brining back records from the United States on trips. This was similar to the Beatles going on tour in Hamburg then coming back to Liverpool with better unheard of rock’n’roll music. People would leave for the United States and come back with this music people in the UK were not exposed to thus giving the UK population exposure through imported music. I believe that the article on Paul McCartney’s upbringing is the least like this article because it just tells the story of Paul McCartney and the creation of the band from his point of view. “Being Born in Liverpool” is an interesting piece on Paul McCartney, but didn’t really relate to the article because it gave the reader a sense of the back story associated with the band, not the development of the

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