Lord Of The Flies Fear

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In the novel Lord of the flies, the beast was one of the main conflicts. Fear is that drove the existence of the beast. Fear is what drove the existence of the beast because fear gave the boys a false illusion of the island being dangerous/evil. For instance, when the boy with the mulberry mark said he saw a snake, in reality it was vines hanging from the trees. The boys are in a new environment where everything was tainted by fear. In addition, fear of the unknown created the beast. For the young boys to understand what it was they needed a physical form which was the beast. The boys were put in a new environment where they aren 't familiar with their surroundings. This created the fear of the unknown which was why the beast was created. They…show more content…
As fear is the root cause of the main conflict, fear caused the separation of the group too. Feat caused the separation of the group because fear was often used for the boys to gain power. Like jack would often intimidate the trains with the feat if the beast. Jack would say that in his tribe the boys would be protected against the beast, however, in the other tribe, they would not be protected.Jack used fear against the boys to gain power and caused separation. Also, fear caused the separation of the group in the sense that the boys feared exclusion and bullying by the hunter and Jack. The fear of exclusion caused of separation of the group. Many times in the novel, some boys felt as though the rules were not skewed in their favor. Jack and his buddies feared that faith was abusing his power and that the rules weren 't fair nor were they in their favor. This feat caused the separation of the group thus proving fear was the root cause for this main conflict as well. Fear also lead the boys to…show more content…
Fear of death made them take charge and take responsibility, Initially, Ralph didn 't take a role as chief because he was scared to death at the instance but further into the book jack and ralph start prioritizing for survival. Proof of this is when jack and to ralph argue over of food or shelter is more essential and that they should get their priorities straight. Fear of death made them take charge and take responsibility which helped them survive. Fear of death made them do whatever it to survive like killing the beast which was really some hurt the boys were ready to do anything. They felt as though they were at death 's door and they had to be willing to do anything to survive. Also fear was the driving force and without hat, some basic needs potentially would not have been met. For instance, if the boys were not worried about survival the wouldn 't have to kill the pig or built shelter. The fear of death was useful for the boys because it helped them live to fight another day.

In conclusion, fear is the roots cause of the main conflict. Without fear, the book and adventures in it would have been completely differencing seeing as fear was the root cause of main conflicts. Fear is what drove the existence of the beast, Fear of death is what helped them survive and fear is an important aspect of the books that kept them
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