The External Analysis Of Nestle

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The External Analysis of Nestle
Nestlé, the world 's biggest food company, has established its products in many countries and it has expanded its company by increasing its food brands. Although it has many competitors, Nestlé is able to maintain its competitive advantage with the current market conditions. Since the company is the only leader in the food industry when it comes to producing products with reduced energy, they are able to market their products for a very low price. Nestlé has also great customer relations since they provide quality products at a lower price than its competitors.
They also have many brands that allow them to create many new innovative products and services. With these many brands, they are able to differentiate their products and services so that they are able to lock in customers. They have also established many alliances with other companies like General Mills and the government. Nestlé upholds its company’s values and concerns by creating a greener environment while also providing nutritious products, this allowed them to be working with the government since they see that Nestlé is maintaining the environment and helping the communities. The competitors try to get competitive advantages through their customer relationships creating a brand loyalty and through their innovative products. Nestle has successfully accomplished to have a joint venture with many companies in cereal industry, allowing for them to be global producers in over 100

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