The External Conflict In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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Upton Sinclair 's, The Jungle, is set in the early 1900’s and tells the story of Jurgis, the main character, who has much trouble in succeeding the tasks he promises to fulfill for his family. Jurgis Rudkus is married to Ona. The two have two late children and two handicapped children. When he, his wife, and their children move to Packingtown, Chicago from Lithuania, Jurgis finds a job to provide for them. Of course, having one person only working to pay the bills is difficult especially with the little pay. Every time Ona suggests her working, Jurgis says to her, “Leave it to me-I will earn more money. I will work harder.” (Sinclair 22) He believes that the man should be the one to work for the family so he repeatedly states he would “try harder”. However, he never does since yet another problem arises. Jurgis is a perfect example to show that no matter how much some people try to fix their problems, there are times when it is not possible. Sinclair first introduces Jurgis’ inability to move forward in life with the external conflict of Onas rape. Initially, even though Jurgis did not want Ona to work, he eventually allows her to do so; they could use the help of money for rent and/or necessities after all. Ona’s boss is not a man to be well liked. Jurgis is sent to…show more content…
Unknowingly, Jugis doesn 't realize that money won’t fix the death of his wife and the child after giving birth. After she gives birth to the baby, Jurgis is told Ona has passed and so has the baby. He is in the same state that any other human being would be in if they lost their loved ones. Having lost Ona is another problem he cannot overcome in such an ephemeral period of time. This situation is another obstacle he has to face alone. He could’ve gotten a doctor if only he had the money for it. Due to not having a job seeing that he went away for a while he couldn’t save his wife and/or the new baby they would’ve
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