The External Environment Analysis Of Nestle

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NESTLE COMPANY External Environment Analysis In Nestle Company, the external environment analysis is the process of scanning and evaluating an organization’s general environment. The Nestle company purpose of an external environmental analysis is to provide managers with better understand of the organizations opportunities and threats. Furthermore, the Nestle Company when used the opportunity is an external environmental factor which can help the organization to improve its activities and easily to achieve the objectives. Moreover, the Nestle Company to describe a threat is an external environmental factors which can hinder an organization’s performance and prevent the organizations from achieving the objectives. The external environment…show more content…
For example, Nestle needs to have enough information about the country inflation rate, economic growth rate, and national per person capital income, in which they are willing to start their business. Moreover, the economic condition varies from country to country. Before starting the baby milk has focus on the above factors. These are the factors that Nestle has to consider before setting corporate objectives. Nestle is one of the leading companies in fast moving consumption sector in the world economy. Nestle provides economy with a reliable supply of high-quality raw materials and they bring sustained growth for the local economy. They contribute to improvements in agricultural production, the social and economic status of farmers, rural communities and in production systems to make them more environmentally sustainable. The Nestle must focus on economic growth of a country so that it easily to earn profit and the inflation rate it be balance than the Nestle Company run the business very easy in a…show more content…
Company is totally focus on consumer lifestyle and their attitude. Product or services didn’t be successful until company has enough information about the consumer lifestyles. The Nestle Company it be focus the socio-cultural because it’s one of the biggest advantage and the company come out new product so it be still remind in customer

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