Essay On External Examination Process

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The external examination process entails sending not only marked examination scripts for external review, but also the course outline with performance outcomes and course aims and objectives and the examination questions used for the assessment. Thus, the external examiner gives feedback on many aspects relating to the course examined, and this helps in the gradual improvement of courses and methods of delivery. Interview data and some of the external examination reports analyzed showed clearly that forms of assessment adopted in the university are commensurate with international standards. At postgraduate level, for instance, it is an institutional requirement that one of the external examiners of a PhD thesis should be from outside the country. At the University B, student assessment…show more content…
It has been observed that the absence of external examination is a major limitation in the quality practices of UA; this shortcoming has an obvious effect on students‟ assessment. It is true that in the absence of external review of course outlines, examination questions and examination answer scripts, the quality processes have become too internal and therefore too subjective for the institution to claim international benchmarking. External examination gives an institution international legitimacy and accords graduates’ international repute. It is clear from the sentiments expressed by the participants during the interview that there is the general feeling among staff that confining quality of student assessment processes to internal staff is unhealthy in terms of achieving international standards of performance. Limiting quality of teaching and learning activities to internal process is a major constraint to achieve the aims. Although these internal processes are rigorous, they suffer from lack of external input that is enriching and that gives international credibility to academic
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