The Extraordinary Adventures Of Alfred Kropp Case Study

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Prepared by Pat Mikula The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp Class questions for each chapter to promote comprehension and discussion. Chapter 1 Alfred mentions on page one he died saving the world. What do you think he means? Why did Uncle Farrell take in Alfred? Why did Uncle Farrell send Alfred to Dr. Peddicott? What did the kids at school call Alfred? How did Uncle Farrell get Alfred to play football? Chapter 2 What did Coach Harvey like to do? How did the Coach treat Alfred? What did Alfred say that was repeated around the school? Why did Uncle Farrell want Alfred to play football? Uncle Farrell said Alfred had no "Fortitude". What is Fortitude? Chapter 3 How many times did Alfred fail his drivers test? Why did Barry want to "get Kropp"? Uncle Ferrell mentions that company was coming. Who is coming? What kind of car did Alfred want? Describe Mr. ~yers. What do you think about Mr. Myers story about the reason he wants the sword? Alfred has some reservation about helping Uncle Ferrell steal something from where he works. What does his uncle threaten him with ifhe does not help? Prepared by Pat Mikula What makes Alfred uncomfortable about what Mr. Myers is asking him to do? Chapter 4 What is Amy Pouchard helping Alfred with at school? How many times did Alfred take the drivers test before he passed? Uncle Farrell has said he made a promise and that he is going to do a good deed. Do you think he is an honorable man? What is Uncle Farrell 's motive for "recovering the

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