Alfred Kropp Case Study Questions And Answers

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Prepared by Pat Mikula The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp Class questions for each chapter to promote comprehension and discussion. Chapter 1 Alfred mentions on page one he died saving the world. What do you think he means? Why did Uncle Farrell take in Alfred? Why did Uncle Farrell send Alfred to Dr. Peddicott? What did the kids at school call Alfred? How did Uncle Farrell get Alfred to play football? Chapter 2 What did Coach Harvey like to do? How did the Coach treat Alfred? What did Alfred say that was repeated around the school? Why did Uncle Farrell want Alfred to play football? Uncle Farrell said Alfred had no "Fortitude". What is Fortitude? Chapter 3 How many times did Alfred fail his drivers test? Why did Barry want to "get…show more content…
Prepared by Pat Mikula Chapter 38 Vocabulary: Guile: Treacherous cunning; skillful deceit. Vocabulary: Pretense: The act of pretending; a false appearance or action intended to deceive. Why did Samson name Mogart his heir? What did Mogart want to become? Why did Samson leave Alfred 's mom? Chapter 39 Why does Mike want Alfred to stay behind? What is Mike talking about when he mentions the "Real McCoy"? Where was the place that Mogart had chosen for the final battle? Chapter 40 Who wore a white robe? Y What did Mogart thank Alfred for? What happened when Bennacio inspected the sword? Chapter 41 o· What did it feel like when Alfred held Excalibur? Why did Bennacio fight Mogart even though he knew he could not win? What was the horrible thing that Bennacio did? Chapter 42 What did Alfred do when Bennacio died? How did Alfred get the sword away from Mogart? What did Mike want Alfred to do? Prepared by Pat Mikula Chapter 43 Why did Alfred 's scar hurt? Why didn 't Mike kill Mogart? What did Alfred figure out about Mike? Chapter 44 What city did Alfred drive to? How did Mogart find Alfred? Who did Mogart have as a hostage? Chapter 45 Where are the caves of Merlin? Why did Alfred not kill the
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