The F Word Firoozeh Dumas Analysis

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The essay “The F Word” was written by Firoozeh Dumas who was a young Iranian girl when she and her family moved to America. She has written this essay due to justify the way American people see foreigners. She expresses in depth the troubles she went through when she was a child growing up with an Iranian name. She explains the thoughts that the other kids had and she gives examples of how these kids made fun of her other Iranian friends and siblings. Her reason for writing this essay was to bring attention to what growing up as foreigner with a different type of name is like in America. She brought many problems forward with how Americans treat foreign names and she made an extremely valid point that all names no matter the ethnicity should be respected equally. This essay is about equality, in the essay she talks about how her and her family has had their names made fun of by Americans, and the only way that she was able to fit in she had to choose an American name. The setting takes place from her early childhood in America and it leads straight into her adult life and how it was difficult for her. The main focus is on the writer itself, she bases all her ideas and feelings…show more content…
“When I went to college, I eventually went back to using my real name. All was well until I graduated and started looking for a job. Even though I had graduated with honors from UC-Berkley, I couldn’t get a single interview. I was guilty of being humanities major, but I began to suspect that there was more to my problems. After three months of rejections, I added “Julie” to re-sume. Call it coincidence, but the job offers started coming in. Perhaps it’s the same kind of coincidence that keeps African Americans from getting cabs in New
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