The Fabulous Gryphon Analysis

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Carmel Raviv
Mrs. Asselin
Language Arts 6/7
17 Dec., 2015
The Fabulous Gryphon
In the story Griffin, by Charles Baxter, he writes about how Tommy, an observant and perceptive fourth grader, who needs more surprises in his rural community of Five Oaks. When Mrs. Ferenzci, a strange story-telling teacher subs his fourth-grade class, a spark ignites Tommy’s mind, interesting him in his substitute bizarre methods. He is so convinced by her, he acts differently and even defends her infront other non-believing students. Tommy was fascinated by Mrs. Ferenczi because she is different than the other substitutes in Five Oaks. “...the supply of substitute teachers was limited to the town’s unemployed college graduates, a pool of about four mothers.
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