The Faceless Monsters Character Analysis

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Character List (Character 1: Brief description of Character 1’s identity and relationships with other characters.) Milo: A bored boy who is in a state of horrible boredom. He begins a life-changing journey by driving through a tollbooth. Tock: A loyal dog who accompanies Milo on his journey in the Lands Beyond. Humbug: Acts as a guide through the Lands Beyond and he always thinks that he is intelligent King Azaz: The ruler of the realm of words and letters and he banishes the two princesses in the Castle of the Air. He disagrees with almost everything. The Mathemagician: The brother of King Azaz and lives in the world of numbers. He is proud, impulsive, obstinate and stubborn. Rhyme and Reason: They are two princesses adopted by the King of Wisdom. They think that words and numbers are equally important. Faintly Macabre: Informative, friendly, kind, fair, also named as ‘The Which’ Alec Bings: Specially strange boy who floats in the air all the time Chroma: A conductor who had apparently started conducting the sky since the beginning of the earth. The Everpresent Wordsnatcher: A demon who loves to interrupt people and changes the meanings of everything Milo and his friends say. The Terrible Trivium: A faceless demon who tricks Milo and his friends into doing a lot of meaningless work. The Demon of Insincerity: He is a demon who doesn’t means what he says, does and even what he is. The Gelatinous Giant: He is a giant who is scared of ideas when Milo confronts him. Officer

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