Milo Character List

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Character List
(Character 1: Brief description of Character 1’s identity and relationships with other characters.)

Milo: A bored boy who is in a state of horrible boredom. He begins a life-changing journey by driving through a tollbooth.

Tock: A loyal dog who accompanies Milo on his journey in the Lands Beyond.
Humbug: Acts as a guide through the Lands Beyond and he always thinks that he is intelligent
King Azaz: The ruler of the realm of words and letters and he banishes the two princesses in the Castle of the Air. He disagrees with almost everything.
The Mathemagician: The brother of King Azaz and lives in the world of numbers. He is proud, impulsive, obstinate and stubborn.
Rhyme and Reason: They are two princesses adopted by the King
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I don’t see the point in solving all the useless math problems. Learning is such a waste of time! (Milo walk back and forth thinking of what the point of life is)
Milo: There’s simply nothing worth living. I wish there were. (Enter Home. Enter bedroom. Milo gapes at the tollbooth.)
Milo: (excitedly) Wow! What is this! (read the blue envelope curiously) For Milo… who has plenty of… time? Huh? Wait, it’s not even my birthday! What a surprise package! (continue to read) One genuine turnpike tollbooth. Easily assembled at home. Used by the people who have never travelled in the Lands Beyond… Lands Beyond what?
Milo: Hmmmm… there are precautionary signs, coins for paying, a map and a book of rules and regulations. Ok, I’m ready for this life-changing journey! (Hop into the car and drive straight into lands Beyond)
(Milo exit stage)

Scene 2
(In Lands Beyond, sun is sparkling, flowers blooming. Milo enter driving the car.)
Milo: (look at the sign) Welcome to Expectations. Advice is cheerfully offered. Blow horn? (Look at the horn and blow
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Lethargians: We… are…the…Lethargians…
Milo: Huh? What does that mean?
Lethargian 1: Let’s keep it simple. We’d never get anything done.
Lethargian 2: We put off what we can do today for tomorrow.
Lethargian 3: Because we don’t even want to get anything done, you see?
Milo: Oh, what a waste of time.
Lethargian 1: And that’s what you’re exactly doing at home.
(Milo frown, nods his head.)
Lethargian 2: But you may also want to meet the watchdog, who is obsessed with keeping the time not wasted.
Milo: (quizzically) The… watchdog? (Tock enter barking furiously.)
Lethargians: Run for your lives! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Tock: (growling)What are you doing here?
Milo: (back off slowly) I just wanted to go to Dictionopolis, but I ended up here.
Tock: Well, I suppose you know why you got stuck.
Milo: I guess I just went daydreaming?
Tock: Specifically yes. Now in order to get out, you must start to think. Do you mind if I get into that? (point at car) I love automobiles.
Milo: (think hardly, the wheels start to turn.) Yay! We’re moving!
Tock: Keep

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