The Factors Of Food Security

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Food Security
Food is the important and essential for survival of all living beings. Freedom from hunger is the fundamental rights of human beings (Johnson 2008). Food security is defined as the availability of food and access to everyone in its pure form. Food security means access to food on regular basis for healthy living. Any household with all its members having sufficient food and do not live in hunger is referred to food secure house. The term food security in physical terms includes that food meets all people dietary needs as well as food preferences. While food security in economics terms referred to sufficient availability of food to all human beings (Adams, Grummer-Strawn and Chavez 2009). It is also for economic stability and social development. It is considered as important for national stability and world peace.
Food security means access to food on regular basis for healthy living. The human population is growing rapidly due to high birth rate in many countries. This increased population means that demand of food also increases. Due to shortage of food supply as compare to demand of food results in food security (Reutlinger 2012). Food security has numerous dimensions. The distinct variables of food security are availability, access and utilization of food. These variables are referred to central for the attainment of adequate food security. Food availability is to ensure sufficient quantity and appropriate kinds of food available for domestic,

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