The Faerie Queene: The Hero's Journey

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The Faerie Queene (Book One) The book presents an adventurous journey of Redcrosse, one of the Knights in the poem. The hero together with his chum Una gets separated in the forest after Archimago, one of the forest’s evil residents deceive Redcrosse in a dream. The ace later lands in the house of pride where he tints his virtue and remain helpless for a while. Even so, he later recoups his lost grandeur after killing the dragon. The paper describes the twelve steps of the hero’s journey. ORDINARY WORLD The icon exists in his mundane world which is in contrast to the eccentric novel world that lies ahead. The vanquisher is searching for completeness at this foremost phase of the journey. Problem is yet to be activated (Story and the Zodiac 1). In the poem, Redcrosse Knight, which signifies holiness and Una, who symbolizes …show more content…

Duessa guides Redcrosse to pride house via a broad path: an analogy of the wide alleyway leading to destruction (New International Version, Mat. 7.13). They enter the gate into the mysterious world of the house of pride. TEST ALLIES AND ENEMIES It is at this stage that the superstar gets to know his cronies and foes. He undergoes numerous tests before learning the conventions of the unique planet (Berndt and Steveker 86). Redcrosse encounters Sanjoy, a brother to Sansfoy signifying joylessness in the pride house. Sanjoy fights him to avenge for his brother’s death. Luckily, Redcrosse prevails and Duessa intervenes to prevent him from killing Sanjoy. FALL AND DESCEND The conqueror is still at the enemies’ headquarters and crosses the second key verge. Redcrosse succumbs to his pride in canto seven when he engages in a carnal relationship with Duessa. Duessa imitates the characters of the whore of Babylon, who ravages the saints (Rev. 17.5-6). THE

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