The Failure Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Ambition is to have the desire to achieve a goal threw hard work and determination, and must people in the world have ambition some really strong some not as much and others without any ambition. Those who do have ambition tend to cut down any tree that stands in there way and most will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal even in most cases that means to kill. We see ambition almost everywhere we turn in society like Macbeth, The Lorax, Edgar Hoover, Bernie Madoff, and even Snow White.

In the shakespeare play “No Fear” we can look at Macbeth and Lady Macbeth who show us a type of ambition that would drive one to become insane. In the play Macbeth’s ambition was to achieve becoming king. This drove him to commit horrible acts against
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In snow white we look at the Evil queen and her desire to be the fairest of them all. And to become the fairest of them all she would expunge any thing that stood in her way including her step daughter. The evil queen had the magical mirror that she would always ask “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all” and for so long the mirror would always answer back and say that she was the fairest, until one fateful day when the mirror said that snow white -was the fairest and the mirror never lies so she was angered and full of antipathies. Her desire to be the fairest drove her so much that you would think that she seemed full of misogyny. So of course it wasn 't a surprise that she tried to kill her step daughter snow white, but the man she sent to kill her and snow white had to start a new genesis. This type of ambition is also most similar to Edgar Hoover who wanted to be the best and have the Best F.B.I he could possibly have in an article it says “He was a man with the ability to carry out 33 fights at the same time without slacking his pace or confusing one fight with another”pg 5 his ambition to be the best gave him strength and pride but it also made him a hypocrite and a tyrant “Openly scornful of homosexuals to have been one himself”pg 4 “Trampling on the rights of citizens to express grievance against their government.”pg 2, Hoover didn’t care who he had to hurt to get to his goal and if that met he had to push thru everyone that stood in his way he did. But what he did not know as the article states “When the lion dies, the rats come out”pg 2 every action has
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