The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Essay

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First Draft The novel “THE ALCHEMIST” is Paulo Coelho’s one of the most renowned work through which his career got heights . This novel belongs to the genre of self improvement . His books deals with the various stages that a human face be it love , fragmentation or omens . Moreover , he experiences life deeply , his notions are somewhat similar to every human but he never ignores them and applies them to his works. According to Sigmund Freud “The dream is the liberation of the spirits from the pressure of external nature , a detachment of the soul from the fetters of matter” also that dreams have their origin in real spiritual…show more content…
As according to Sigmund Freud dreams are assembled sequence of the incidents that one witnesses just before sleep and gradually dream . All those things which both Santiago and the leader of the group observed developed into dream the prediction about the treasure . Moreover , Santiago when visited the old lady (astrologer) she interpreted his dream and encouraged him to hunt his treasure but on the other hand leader of the group never took his dream seriously but instead ignored it as one of the stupid dream because he did not accepted it as he shuns his trust to God . Although Santiago felt disheartened when he failed to find his treasure beneath the Pyramids of Egypt but his trust and laborious nature paved path to his treasure . But the leader of the group did not even noticed his dream and simply ignored it moreover he described himself as well as Santiago as a stupid person to follow dreams because in his view dream is just another device that deviates human from their daily life routines
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