The Failure Of King Philip II And The Spanish Armada

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King Philip II floating fortress of invincible ships sailed up and across the English Channel hoping to ambush and conquer the British fleet, but not all was satisfied and accomplished in King Philip’s indomitable plan. The defeat of the Spanish Armada is one of the most talked about naval accomplishments in British history, because at the time the Spanish Empire had complete control over trade routes and products. They were the rulers of the known world. They were feared by the public and were seen as a notorious empire that conquered wherever they went. However their perfect,invincible image crumbled when Protestant England, under Queen Elizabeth’s rule, rose to power in the mid 1500s. Tense relations rise as both nations strive for world conquest and to further add to the conflict, both countries had opposing religious views. Spain was completely devoted to Catholicism while England was a newly reformed Protestant regime. Failure to reach an agreement between both countries sparked the launch of the Invincible Armada. Different sources from both countries show opposing views that may be magnified with nationalistic pride. The British hailed victory and believed that God favoured the Protestants that’s why he sent the wind to blow away the armada.The Spanish refuses to admit that their lost was due to religion, they believed that there were other factors that contributed to their defeat and those factors were inevitable. Historical Context: Rising Tension A war over
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