The Failure Of Science Education

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The simplest answer, in my opinion, is that science education is so difficult because science itself is quite difficult. Science encompasses a massive spectrum of information from biology to chemistry, technology, and a myriad more. There is constant struggle between what we should and what we are accomplishing with science. Unfortunately, the government and political system can rear its ugly head in what branches of science and projects are receiving funding or even interest.

Science education is worth our attention and money. It directly plays into several major areas of life such as health care, technology, and further discovery whether it be related to humans, animals, or the Earth. Scientists are responsible for discovering new cures (directly or indirectly), creating prosthetic limbs for those that have suffered that type of loss, cloning, and eliminating potentially devastating genes. These are just a few examples, but the scope of science is endless, and the discoveries could yield incredibly important results for the future of humanity. Contrary to my personal belief that science education is worth it, there are those who would argue some antiscience and pseudoscience perspectives. I can see how a mistrust in science could develop due to the perpetual shifting of scientific theories, but that is also the beauty of science. If there is any slight belief that a portion of a scientific theory is false, then it is necessary to conduct new scientific experiments to
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