The Failure Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby’s Failure of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby Dreams are seen as a positive way to keep people going forward through their lives. However, dreams can blind people and not let them to see the truth. The novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald criticizes the idea of The American Dream of not being able to be achieved. Gatsby is one of the characters in the novel that tries to achieve The American Dream. The pursuit of the American Dream brings negative results to Gatsby because he becomes greedy, unrealistic, and dishonest, which shows that chasing dreams can destroy one’s life. Gatsby fails to accomplish the American Dream by being too greedy on wanting love. He works hard in life in order to be the man that Daisy wants him to be. The moment Gatsby meets Daisy again; she has a husband already. Although Gatsby knows that she marries Tom, he still wants to be with her. He does not care about the consequences and he has secret affairs with her. Gatsby does not resist for Daisy to talk to Tom, therefore he persuades Daisy to tell Tom: “Daisy that is all over now. It doesn’t matter any more. Just tell the truth that you never loved him” (Fitzgerald, 84). Gatsby shows that he is greedy because he wants more love from Daisy. He is not satisfied with what Daisy has given him and wants her to say that she only loves him so that she can be his girl. He does not care about what one really wants. He believes that Daisy thinks the same way as him. Gatsby’s
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