The Failure Of The League Of Nations In The 1920's

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How successful was the League in the 1920? Discuss The League Of Nations had some problems and defects by the 1920 's. But that doesn 't mean the League wasn 't successful. She also did things that improved the situation of the people and some countries at that time. On the one hand, The League had a lot of failures by the 1920 's. to start with, I will explain two conflicts between some countries that the League of Nation couldn 't solve. One of them is a problem between Poland and Lithuania. Poland took Lithuania capital called Vilna, so Lithuania presented the problem to the League, as it must be, but the League did not solve the conflict as she should do. In the end, Poland kept with Vilna. Now, I am going to develop another conflict that the League couldn 't solve. This problem was between Italy and Greece and it started when Tellini, an Italian general had to supervise the sorting out the borders between Greece and Albania. This General was killed in the middle of the borders so the murderer could be Italian or Greek. The Italian leader, called Mussolini got very angry and blamed the Greek government for the murder. He demanded them to pay a compensation and to execute the murderers. In the meantime, he bombed and invaded Corfu. The greeks didn 't have any idea of who the murder was, so they asked the League for help. The League of Nations proposed to condemned Mussolini’s actions, but also made Greeks pay compensation and the money to be held by the League
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