The Failure Of The Prince In Machiavelli's The Prince

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Clinton’s Failure As “Prince” In Machiavelli 's " The Prince" numerous rules were presented as to what a ruler should do to succeed. From ruling with an iron fist to protecting their country 's citizens, a ruler has no choice but to be on his best mindset at all times.Machiavelli made it very clear that a fit ruler must have military experience, take religion seriously, and have the support of his own people. Usually, leaders follow these rules whole-heartedly to make sure they are represented positively and are taken seriously. Unfortunately, for Bill Clinton, he chose to follow none of these rules. Throughout his presidency, numerous rules were broken that ultimately caused his presidency to fail. Bill Clinton was president from 1993 until 2001. Before entering the White House, Clinton was a good prospect among his opponents but was later proven to disappoint many. With first lady Hilary Clinton, Bill became tabloid gold many times while in office due to allegations made prior to and even after his time in the office. From the Whitewater Scandal to the Monica Lewinsky investigation, Clinton is probably as far from Machiavelli 's "Prince" as he could be. Even today numerous parodies have been created to play with the speculations and allegations made against Bill Clinton. From his famous in person character to his behind the scenes actions, he is known mostly for the wrong things. With a presidency starting in the early 90 's Bill Clinton was partially destined for
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