The Failures Of David And Gilgamesh

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101 Ways to Royally Screw up and Still Be Successful May Tun During the respective reigns, David and Gilgamesh are known to be the greatest kings among all the other kings, but there are moments that portray them as wicked rulers. They both possess divine and absolute power, and as a result, complications arise such as corruption and misconduct since they have the freedom of doing whatever they desire. A king is responsible for protecting the people by putting the welfare of the country above their own personal benefits at all times, for they are given the authority to lead and serve the people. David and Gilgamesh’s failures are the results of their misuse of power and their incapability of managing political and personal affairs, while their successes are a reflection of their abilities to learn from mistakes in order to become wise rulers. David fails as a king when he abuses his power in order to harm the people he is responsible for protecting. David’s misuse of power is demonstrated when he secretly orders the death of his own subject to protect his own reputation. After impregnating Bathsheba, the wife of one of David’s loyal soldiers, David orders Joab, “Set Uriah in the force-front of the hardest fighting, and draw back from him, so that he may be struck down and die” (2 Samuel 11:14). By sleeping with Bathsheba, David directly violate the Seventh Commandments, which states not to commit adultery. Furthermore, David knows he did was wrong, but he plays tricks to
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