Saint Nicholasis Short Story Analysis

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Saint Nicolas tradition
One of the main festive traditions that Holland celebrate is the Saint Nicolas tradition. Furthermore, this is a popular fairytale story in Holland for many years; however, in the 21st centuries, black skin people unite together and form protester group about Black Pete being racial discrimination because they were bullied for being Black Pete. For this reason, these protesters are against the Saint Nicolas tradition. Saint Nicolas tradition is not about racial discrimination, the way society react to black skin people and the protester during the Saint Nicolas tradition is racist.
The real fairytale story of Saint Nicolas tradition that is being celebrated is not racist. Saint Nicolas is a bishop riding on his white
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This is made clear in the debate regarding the appearance of Black Pete; in fact, a woman named M.C. Grünbauer thought "it is no longer appropriate to continue to celebrate our dear old Saint Nicholas feast in its actual form. While slavery had been abolished for over a century, she said, we continue the tradition of presenting the black man as a slave. The powerful White Master sits on his horse or throne while Pete has to walk or carry the heavy sacks." Furthermore, in 2006 Holland tries to rewrite the Dutch fairytale story of the Saint Nicolas tradition. The story is when a “steamboat had passed through a rainbow and rainbow hues came off on the Pete making them pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange and so on. The Pete did not have large red lips and their eyebrows were merely blackened with mascara, showing more natural face. The show simply referred to Pete with no reference to Black. Aje Boschhuizen, broadcast editor, said, Pete is just like Saint Nicolas and is a helper; in addition, Pete color is unimportant.” However, parents made a big issue about multi-color Pete and, therefore, Rainbow Pete did not return the next…show more content…
Furthermore, during Saint Nicolas season black children and adults report difficult experiences such as being called Black Pete once in their life, especially when the days are approaching December the fifth. “A black Dutch friend of researcher and journalist Shantje Jagmohansingh was once at a large Saint Nicolas party with hundreds of families. She reported that Saint Nicolas asked each child what they wanted to be when they grew up. When a black child had a turn with Saint Nicolas, Saint Nicolas said he did not need to ask because the black skin child is going to be Black Pete because the child has got the skin color already.” On top of that, the Dutch newspaper spread the news on Roger Ross Williams making a documentary about the Saint Nicolas tradition, it follows that Roger receive negatives feedbacks from the society such as: “I should have known a black face makes a documentary about our children 's friends, drop dead, Dutch people will hunt you down”. “The Prime Minister of Holland, Mark Rutte said; Saint Nicholas and Black Pete is a tradition, it is not Green Pete or Brown Pete it is Black Pete so I cannot change that, my friends in the Dutch Antillean they are very happy when they have Saint Nicholas because they does not have to paint their faces, but when I play Black Pete for days I have to try to get off the stuff on my
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