The Fairytale Story Of The Saint Nicolas Tradition

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Saint Nicolas tradition One of the main festive traditions that Holland celebrate is the Saint Nicolas tradition. Furthermore, this is a popular fairytale story in Holland for many years; however, in the 21st centuries, black skin people unite together and form protester group about Black Pete being racial discrimination because they were bullied for being Black Pete. For this reason, these protesters are against the Saint Nicolas tradition. Saint Nicolas tradition is not about racial discrimination, the way society react to black skin people and the protester during the Saint Nicolas tradition is racist. The real fairytale story of Saint Nicolas tradition that is being celebrated is not racist. Saint Nicolas is a bishop riding on his white horse Amerigo and his servant Black Pete is a black man, with an afro hair, wears red lipstick, with a switch in one hand, dressed in a page attire, for accessories wear creole earrings, and a burlap bag in the other hand. Children in Holland are happy about Saint Nicolas and Black Pete visiting Holland. Black Pete hand out candies and cookies to the little children while Saint Nicolas sit on his white horse because he is an elderly bishop. On the evening of December fifth, Saint Nicolas and Black Pete leave gifts behind for children with good behavior and children who were naughty Saint Nicolas and Black Pete will take these children to Spain to educate them for a year. Children do not want to leave their parents; however, when

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