The Fall By Colleen Nelson Character Analysis

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The Fall: A Book About Kids Who Struggle with Drug Issues Have you ever gone out with friends, and had it going perfectly fine, but what if all of that disappeared because of a bad decision? What if a catastrophic event happened that effected everyone? Well that is what happens in the White Pine nominee, dramatic book called The Fall that was written by Colleen Nelson in 2013. The book follows a boy, who lacks friends finally making some as the group of 4 go out one day to the movies to fool around. However, suddenly a catastrophic, tragic accident happens leaving the boys in shock. They boys decide to go their separate ways as one turns to gang violence, one turns to substance abuse to escape pain, and the last one, must find his own way…show more content…
The main character Ben, is a boy whose parents are divorced, living with his mom he shows his dad a negative attitude and has never had many friends. After the tragic accident that leaves Ben and the others in shock, he is falsely accused of being responsible for this, which turns the whole school against him. It was entertaining to see how Ben acted in various situations and I think he changed a lot throughout the story which kept me on the edge of my seat. Ben overall is a realistic character; he holds true to the typical “skater boy” stereotype. Ben was very important in the story, as he was the main character and I liked him as a character. The same can be said for most of the other characters. The stories theme is that it is important to pick your friends wisely and to not hang out with the wrong crowd. This is shown and supported throughout the book, and I would mention this but it is a review and not a report. The book deals with many issues throughout the story. It deals with issues like drugs, gang violence, family life and friendships, it impressively does deal with a lot in such a short book. The book makes you think a lot, about how it is important to pick the right friends and crowd to hang out with. It shows how it may seem like you have everything; and things are getting better, but suddenly it can all come crashing down with one poor
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