The Fall Of Rome Essay

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The fall of Rome had very little impact on the lives of the common people in western Europe. Peter Heather makes this clear in his documentary “The Fall of Rome.” During the fall of Rome, there were many issues that were present in Rome. The lower class was treated near the same. There were massive inequality, militarism, and the dark ages during the fall of Rome. During the fall of Rome, there was massive inequality which had already existed in Rome. For example, there were many barbarians that were fed to wild animals. This shows the corruptness in the society of Rome to be able to feed a live human to an animal. Very little change is the sake of the lower class citizens these people still had to farm as they were before and where still considered to be the common labors or workforce. The only people who seen a large change in their daily lives were the elites which was less than 3% of the…show more content…
Many people believed that the fall of Rome had to take place to end slavery, and for all social classes to become treated equally, there was still slavery after the fall of Rome. Their lower class citizens during the dark ages continued to live in poverty, but this was no major change as they were considered lower class just for that reason. Their day to day life changed very little because they were already at the bottom of the bottom which was farming and being the labors of the society. In a sense, these lower class citizens were the backbone of the community and made up most of the roman population. The fall of Rome was a major time during human history because even in today's society many ideas and preceding date back to Roman times. They in a sense laid the blueprint for many of today's governments. There were many changes that took place however very few affected the lower class citizens due to the fact that they were already living in poverty. The fall of Rome was the largest empire ever to
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