The Fall Of The House Of Usher Research Paper

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The Fallout of the Usher’s Incest within families with a big reputation is a major problem in our society today. The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe is a tale about the conflict between the members of the Usher family. Poe used this story to illustrate what the immense pressure of family expectations can do to the human mind. There are many elements of gothic literature used throughout this story. The first and obvious element used would be the setting of the story being in a castle. Furthermore, the castle was described as being melancholy, and the atmosphere around the house as dull, dark, and soundless- which is another element of gothic literature- an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. Finally, the element of a woman threatened by a powerful, impulsive, tyrannical male was present in the way Poe showed how Madeline was being pressured into incest by her own brother. The protagonist in The Fall of the House of Usher is…show more content…
Roderick expressed he was feeling very ill (mentally and physically), so the narrator comes in to aid him. Roderick tells the narrator that he believes the house itself is unwell. Later in the story, Madeline supposedly passes away and is buried in the tombs below the house by Roderick. As the tale carries on, the narrator notices that Roderick had become more uneasy and nervous than he has previously been. The unnamed narrator decided to read Roderick Mad Trist by Sir Launcelot Canning, and he beings hearing noise from the story occurring in the house, which he ignores at first. As the book continues, the noises became more prominent and he decides he cannot ignore them anymore, which is when he decides to look up to see Roderick in his chair mumbling about how he thinks they had buried Madeline alive. Madeline is then seen in the doorway, then attacks and kills
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