Family Parenting Analysis

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Posting 2—The Family System and Parenting Issues
Part I: Family functioning is a strong predictor of child outcomes. What are the characteristics of effective families and which of these characteristics do you feel is the most essential contribution to family wellbeing?
Although every family is different, there are certain characteristics that healthy families share. The quality of the relationship is more important than family configuration. A healthy family relationship provides members with the support, encouragement and empathy that they need. The author feels that these four characteristics of effective families are vital for healthy family’s relationships, which are the following: (a) having good communication with each other, (b) committing
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Respect is an important characteristic of healthy families. Family members accept that they each have their own personalities, qualities and interests. Everyone plays an important role in the family. When there is conflict between family members, it is resolved in a positive and healthy manner. Family members also acknowledge each other's accomplishments and show appreciation for other…show more content…
The author believes that if family members have respect for each other, they are more willing to communication positively, willing to commit to each other, and willing to spend quality time with each other. A resilient family can be a source of emotional support, love, security and protection, which makes the challenges and trials of day-to-day living easier to face. A child flourishes when he or she feels loved, nurtured and supported by his or her parents and siblings. A good family life can even have positive effects on one’s physical and mental health, including improving blood pressure and increasing life expectancy.
What are some of the myths associated with the disruption of healthy family functioning and which of these myths do you feel is most detrimental to the family?
No matter how harmonious you may want your family life to be, some disruptions and disturbances are inevitable. When they occur, they can be stressful for every member of the family. Many myths are associated with the disruption of a healthy family functioning and those myths can be detrimental to families. Some myths are the stability of a family is a measure of its success and family harmony is the rule, not the
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