Domestic Violence In Family Sociology

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The family has often been viewed as the foundation of the society. During the past decade, the family has undergone through extensive changes in the society. According to George Peter Murdock (2000), a social anthropologist, the family is defined as “a social group characterised by common residence, economic cooperation and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship, and one or more children, own or adopted.” By this definition, we can understand that a family lives and works together to contribute economically, educationally and even in domestic tasks. However, along with industrialisation, we can see many problems and complications cropping up in the family as it roles…show more content…
There were more risks of them being harmed inside the house rather than outside. As per Biggs Brough (2005), The role of the family is to provide a sense of security to its members but recent researches has shown that women faces more conflicts at home. Many researches showed that gender differences is still dominating to a large extent due to societal changes that has been occurring in the role of men and women in the family which led to family and work conflict.

According to Johnson and Ferraro (2000), domestic violence in the family caused a massive impact on the family life. Family is seen more as a threat to women in the modern societies. The use of violence and dominance towards women have also been the reasons to control intimate relationships. There are also various reasons why domestic violence exists, therefore this study will add in a broad aspect of the domestic violence that exists upon women in the family.

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Most women are affected by the domestic violence in the family, they are abused psychologically, physically and sexually. Women faces different types of domestic abuses in their home and various sociologists demonstrates the reasons why women are being victims of violence in their home and how they tend to arise in many families. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), (2013), most women are abused by their partners itself and due to this their home is the most unfavourable place for them to

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