The Fantastic Voyage Research Paper

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The Fantastic Voyage

Growing up the human body always fascinated me and it is no surprise that I decided early on that a career in the medical field was my true calling in life. Upon graduating high school, I joined the U.S. Navy and chose Hospital Corpsman as a beginning path of study. I knew it would expand my studies and knowledge of the human body and in particular Anatomy and Physiology and The Immune System. I had no idea that it would eventually propel me to the tip of the spear in medical research. The seven years of clinical work and extensive study under the best and brightest doctors the U.S. Navy had to offer fed my hunger to not only learn as much as I could about the human body and immunology but it also sparked a desire to use that knowledge to change the way we understand the process in which our body fights off disease and infection. Maybe we can use medications and immunizations
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These were the top Bionanotechnology programs out there and I wanted to be a part of them. The following weeks were grueling. Patiently waiting for the mail to run every day, hoping and praying for an acceptance letter to arrive. I couldn’t sleep, eat or think straight. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Months passed without a single phone call, email or piece of correspondence from any of my top tier colleges that I had applied to. I knew they were picky but I figured I would be in the top 5 percent of prospective students. I kept my grade point average at a 4.0 and wrote a killer paper outlining why I was a good prospective student and my research. What if all the hard work wasn’t good enough? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if they think my research is too radical? They probably think I am way out in left field somewhere. I gaffed. Yeah right. They would be lucky to have someone as brilliant as me. Their loss not
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