The Farmer Brown Short Story

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Once upon a time, there was a farm in the Irish countryside. On that farm lived Farmer Brown. He didn’t like foxes because they would try to eat Farmer Brown’s livestock. Despite the fact that Farmer Brown doesn’t like foxes, Rory the fox lived there anyway. One day, Rory walked down the road, when he saw Bob the chicken and Tom the rooster playing cards.
When Rory saw them, he walked up to them.
“Hi, Bob! Hi, Tom! Did you know that peace has been declared between all animals, and even animals and men,” Rory lied, “to celebrate, let’s gather the rest of the animals and have a pizza party! So, what do you think?”
“It sounds fun,” Bob responded, ”but wait! Are those hounds I see coming?” When Rory heard that, it sent a shiver
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I don’t think the hounds have heard about the peace yet.” Rory walked away quickly, fearing the hounds might find him and chase him out.
Bob asked, “Do you think it 's true?”
“Let 's find out,” answered Tom.
So Tom and Bob walked to the barn, where Farmer Brown worked on his magical crop-harvester.
“Farmer Brown,” asked Bob, “is there peace between all animals and men?” Farmer Brown had never heard about the peace. “No. Who told you that?” Farmer Brown asked. Bob answered, “Rory the fox told us.” Meanwhile, on the sidewalk (because being on the street was not safe) Mr. Peacock strolled down the sidewalk. Soon, Rory hid in a bush and watched him.
Eventually, Mr. Peacock started to run. “Ha ha ha! You can’t catch me!” yelled Mr. Peacock.
Rory was so outraged that he forgot what he was doing and ran after
Mr. Peacock. Unfortunately, he was running toward the plum bush, which Farmer Brown had hired a witch to cast a spell on it, so it will sneeze to deter foxes.
Mr. Peacock stopped by the plum bush and Rory ran headfirst into a nearby tree.
“OWW!!!!! Who put a tree here?!?!?! Ooh, a plum bush,” Rory
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Everyone out!”
Mr. Duck yelled and flew away with his duckling and joe. “Why is the fox bad,” asked the frightened duckling in the air, “why was he in the hay? Does he want to play hide and seek?” Mr. Duck was in a terrible fix. He didn’t want to scare the duckling, but he didn’t want to lie to him either.
So Mr. Duck whispered exasperated,
“ Rory the fox was hiding there so he could eat you and Joe the mouse.”
At that moment, it started to rain. Fortunately, Mr. Duck, the duckling, and Joe were at Mr. Duck’s house. The trio waited until the rain stopped and flew back to the barn. Rory, who had been hiding in a shrub to stay dry, came out when the rain stopped. “Yes! Finally the rain stopped! Now I can grab some bacon and a plum or two for lunch.” Rory said, licking his lips.
KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! “Who is it?” yelled Farmer Brown.
“I just want some bacon. Can I have some bacon? I want the really thick good kind,” Rory said.
Farmer Brown walked to the door to see who was demanding his bacon. When he saw Rory, he grabbed his broom and chased Rory away. “Well,” Rory said, “I could still grab some plums from the plum
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