The Fashion Style Of The Zoot Suit Riots

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Mexican American youths adopted a fashion style known as Zoot Suits that caused the Zoot Suit Riots, a series of conflicts in 1943 between U.S. Sailors and Mexican American youths, demonstrating fashions potential to create conflict and difference between societies.
Martinez, Victor R. "Zoot Suit Revolution: The Fashion Scandal That Changed History."LexisNexis. El Paso Times (El Paso, TX), 5 Feb. 2002. Web. 25 May 2016. Victor R. Martinez has been a reporter at the El Paso Times since 1993. He worked in the sports department for several years before becoming a features writer where he has the freedom to write any profile feature story. Victor Martinez writes about a critically acclaimed PBS series, “American Experience,” that will examine events that led up to the Zoot Suit Riots. Victor Martinez explains in his report what zoot suits are. The zoot suit came from African American youth fashion that was connected to Jazz culture. The zoot suit was then adopted by Mexican Americans who made it their own style. Victor Martinez describes the zoot suit as an oversized suit that was both an outrageous style and statement of defiance. Because of that Victor Martinez then explains that the Los Angeles city council bans the wearing of zoot suits on the streets of L.A. Victor Martinez report shows how Mexican American zoot suiters were victims of racial profiling in their society.
Baeder, Ben. "Zoot Suit Riots: The Sleepy Lagoon Murder Case That Helped Spur the WWII Era Los Angeles

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