The Fat City Reflection

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Fat City Reflection FAT is an acronym used to represent frustration anxiety and tension represented by The Fat City Workshop Part 1: Experiencing Frustration, Anxiety and Tension. Upon watching the video, I wondered why the instructor, Dr. Rick Lavoie was barking out questions and people looked uptight and timid. After further viewing of the video, I found that the mediator was asking professional individuals questions related to the book that the seminar was based on. The acronym FAT as I previously stated stands for frustration, anxiety and tension, which was the purpose of this seminar/workshop. The instructor was highlighting the kinds of situations some teachers put children in every day. Some educators do not take into account that students get embarrassed by their sarcasm, and other students who it is not directed at find it to be funny and move on.…show more content…
Also, the instructor reiterated that the anxiety levels of the individuals taking part in the seminar were high. He informed the professionals that the tightness or tension they felt as a result of experiencing the questions he asked parallels that of a student with learning disabilities. Noting, this is how a student with a learning disability feels on a regular bases. Teachers should be mindful of the characteristics of children with learning disabilities; they need to take this into account when providing instruction and asking questions with regard to the lesson. Another great point that was addressed, is the idea that if a person is being yelled at to provide information repeatedly their first response is to look away. In our society, at home, and at school we tell children look at me when I am yelling and screaming at you. As the video pointed out this doesn’t make

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