The Fatal Shot Analysis

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The Fatal Shots

I was at yet another one of those student protests and they didn 't seem to solve anything. I wanted action! I wanted something to happen. I started to wonder if it was worth it anymore. At the end when everyone left, a shady looking man wearing a suit, sunglasses and a black hat approached me telling me to do away with these silly protests and if I truly wanted unity from Austria Hungary to join a secret force called the Black Hand. I tried to get accepted into the Black Hand once but they didn 't accept me for the reason that I was too young and weak and I was 18 at the time. If I really wanted to join so I had to accomplish something significant. My friends and I speculated and came up with a plan. We showed the Black
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I had nothing to lose as a result of a case of tuberculosis I had for which I was going to die from anyway. We all trained for a few weeks before we departed. We had our supplies, we had the the routes and our way in. Under the cover of darkness we traveled in two trains, one boat, and a few secret tunnels. We also had to bribe some officers before we arrived in into Sarajevo. The weapons traveled separately in case of a search. Four of us met at the Velja patisserie, a secret safe house for the members of the Black Hand, where Danilo Ilić a member of the gang distributed the weapons between us our weapons for the attack. He gave the weapons to the 3 other members of the gang later that day. On the day of the assassination we spaced ourselves along the Apple Quay, the route of the Archdukes car. Muhamed Mehmedbašić was the first one one in line, further up the street was Nedeljko Čabrinović, with Čubrilović and Popović the schoolboys across from each other further up the road. the first four being armed with a bomb, Trifko Grabež and I were the the only ones with a gun. Him having a simple revolver and I having a .22 caliber Browning pistol. The target passed Mehmedbašić…show more content…
When he saw the motorcade approaching he stuck the percussion cap against a lamp post near him and let the explosive fly. It sailed through the air in a graceful arc but the diver accelerated just in time and it hit the back of the car exploding on the road and injuring some officers in the car behind. He drank the cyanide and jumped into the river Miljacka but the cyanide was old and it didn 't work; he was dragged out of the river and arrested. Boom! I heard Čabrinović 's bomb explode down the road and was too stunned to react when the motorcade went right by me. We all met at the the park to consider our options. We had one of our men in custody and the plan hadnt worked. I still felt that I was to blame due to of my stupidity and I wandered off to a nearby cafe to clear my mind. Meanwhile at the city hall the Archduke prepares to leave and visit the injured from the blast at a hospital. I ordered a sandwich and a few minutes later just my luck the driver of the motorcade containing the Archduke himself got confused and took a wrong turn down the road that I was eating at. I walked out the cafe not believing my blessing. I reached down to my pocket to pull out my pistol thinking of how famous I
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