The Fate Of Nature In Shakespeare's Heartless

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Wonderland a place where the impossible is possible. Long before Alice slew the Jabberwocky and the Queen of Hearts ever said, “Off with his/her/their head”. There lived a girl named Catherine. Catherine was born into a high-class family that had the chance to marry her off to the short, chubby, and sweet King of Hearts. During a royal ball where Catherine is expected to receive the Kings marriage proposal, she meets the mysterious and handsome Jest. Fear of offending the King and angering her parents, she and Jest enter a secretive courtship. Sadly, Catherine has a fate that she would not be able to avoid, but she is determined to choose her own destiny. But, in a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans. One…show more content…
This is when Catherine finds out the truth about Jest. Catherine had broken her ankle when she was on the run from the Jabberwocky. Jest in a hurry picked up Catherine and ran with her in his arms to Treacle, the gateway to the land of Chess. Catherine was shocked that he could carry her and she asked him how he did it and he replied, “I’m a Rook” (Meyer 307). Catherine then asked how he was a Rook and Jest confessed that he was from the land of Chess and the White Queen had sent him and Raven to steal the heart of the Queen of Hearts. Jest then shakily said, “I came here to steal your heart”. In denial Catherine replied, “Hearts doesn't have a queen”. Jest then started explaining, “I know. Time tricked us, I think, or maybe it was the Sisters that brought us here too soon. But there will be a Queen of Hearts soon, and Catherine, I do think its meant to be you. You’re everything we hoped to find. You’re fierce, and passionate, and brave-” (Meyer 315). Catherine scoffed because she knew she had a hard time standing up to her parents and Jest describing her as brave seemed a little to much. Catherine then asked him why he didn't just take her heart when he knew she was in love with him and Jest replied, “ Don't you understand? My role has been compromised since the first night in the gardens. I don't want you to marry the King. And even if I could still somehow claim your heart even after telling you how cruel…show more content…
This is when the game against fate has been lost and the Queens of Hearts became the ruthless, heartbroken and cold figure that she is today. Jest has been arrested, for everyone had believed that he had put Catherine under a spell and kidnapped her. Making him a wanted man. Catherine thinking that her future with Jest would never happen she accepted the King's proposal and breaking her promise to Jest. Out of nowhere Jest and Raven showed up, claiming that they know a way for Jest and Catherine to be together but at a great cost. Catherine would have to leave everything behind and go to Chess with Jest. Catherine chose him and they left in a blurry of black feathers, to everyone's shock. Catherine, Jest, Raven and Hatta went to the portal that leads to Chess that was guarded by the Sisters. In exchange for letting the cross they had to give up one black feather, three joker bells, and five minutes of Hatta’s time. Hatta had asked if they wanted anything from Lady Catherine but they replied, “She has nothing we want. Not yet” (Meyer 367). The three sisters lead them across a maze that housed a owl, a raccoon, and a fox. On their way through the maze they saw three different drawings. One of a shadowing figure that held a bloody ax and near the figure was a man kneeling down missing a head with a joker hat near him. The nest drawing was of Catherine sitting down on the Throne of Hearts with a
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