Personal Narrative: My Father Daughter Dance

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The day every girl in Eunice New Mexico dreamed about, the Father Daughter Dance. It was the day that we have all talked about and we all wanted to go. My dad was my date, he was also my best friend, we did a lot together. He was a big scary man, as all my friends thought but inside he was a teddy bear, and yes, he could be mean but then again he could be so sweet. This day was the one night out of the year that we all got to put on dresses get our hair and makeup done and look like princesses.
The day before the dance my mom took my sister and I to a dress shop so we could have something to wear, I found this very beautiful dress, it was the color purple, and it was silk and big, but not to big, it had ruffles on it and diamonds at the top
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My aunt was one of the people that put on the dance so I got in for free along with most of my family because we are all related. After you pay you can go to the food bar and they have sweets but also had other kinds of food. My dad got there probably an hour after the dance started, he had a black button-up shirt, jeans, and black boots on. When they would play country music that’s when we would get out there and dance together, him being so much taller than me was hard but we figured out a way to do it, so I would just stand on his feet. My heels kept hurting my feet so I took them off and ran around with no shoes on. They had the chicken dance come on and we all got in a circle and danced to it just all being goofy. After we ate and danced they started to take pictures so my sister and her date took pictures then they had my sister and all of us take picture together because we were a family and they wanted us to be together, my best friend Billie she went with her grandpa but he didn’t want to take pictures so we let her get in the picture with us. After we all took individual pictures they had us take a picture with everyone, dads with their daughters and we all had to stand there and take
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