The Father In Karmac Mccarthy's The Road

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In the book, The Road, the author portrays the man to be very caring and protective over his son. The father would do anything if it benefits and helps his son. In this passage, I think the father was so desperate that the thought of his son’s safety drifted off. This is very unlike the father. During this quote, the father and son had found a house and the father decided to go look inside. “The wind rustling the dead roadside bracken. A distant creaking. Door or shutter. I think we should take a look.
Papa let’s not go up there.
It’s okay.
I don’t think we should go up there.
It’s okay. We have to take a look.

What if there’s someone here, Papa?
There’s no one here.
We should go, Papa.
We’ve got to find something to eat. We have no choice.
We could find something somewhere else.
It’s going to be all right. Come on.

Papa, the boy
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On the surface, I think this passage is trying to get the point across that the man wanted to go inside this “locked room” in search for food. The boy had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen and that they should've just left. Because the man was stubborn and didn’t want to leave, they opened the door to the room. As they went down, they saw injured people, in which they started chasing them. Beneath the surface, I think the father was tired of always being on the hunt to survive. I think that he was tired of having to worry about how they were going to survive, with both having enough to stay some what healthy and also being cautious of the “bad guys.” This was very unlike the man to forget about having to be safe from other people. Everything that the father does, he thinks about how it will affect his son. But during this passage, he didn’t really take into consideration the things that could have been down in that room and how it would have affected his son. His behavior in this passage contradicts to the way the author portrays the man through most of the

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