The Father Of Chinese Aviation, By Jackie Robinson

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Oakland, California. 1909. A plane piloted by self-taught engineer Feng Ru crashes into his shack, his workspace hidden deep within the forest, setting it ablaze, not an uncommon occurrence. Brooklyn, 1947. Jackie Robinson, renegade trailblazer who had breached the Major Leagues’ color barrier for the first time in history steps up to home plate. He has made history as the first Negro ballplayer to ever play in the World Series. California, 1965. Maya Angelou is distraught when she hears that Malcolm X was assassinated, falling into a deep depression. Turning points can often be hard, challenging, and very sudden. Throughout history, it can be shown that life can change in many unexpected and difficult ways. This idea is explored in the memoir I Never Had It Made, by Jackie Robinson, the article “Maya Angelou Biography,” and the article “The Father of Chinese Aviation,” by Rebecca Maskell. Jackie Robinson, Maya Angelou, and Feng Ru all experienced obstacles and life-changing events that had a drastic and positive impact on their lives and society. Jackie Robinson entered unfamiliar and often hostile territory, becoming the first African American to play in the Major Leagues, changing professional baseball and his country, the United States, in the process of doing so. Robinson’s path to greatness wasn’t easy. He faced many obstacles and challenges. In Robinson’s autobiography, I Never Had It Made, he discusses some of the obstacles that he faces. At first, he wasn’t
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