The Fear Of Fear In The Short Story The Swimmer

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The short story ”The Swimmer” is about fear. Fear is being afraid of something particular or someone. It’s a strong and yet an uncomfortable feeling, which is often caused by some kind of imagination in our head. For example if you are afraid of being in the dark alone, you can fear what’s going to happen or even to be attacked by someone, your mind is being filled up with fear.

In this short story we only meet a woman, who is important for the short story, but also the main character. Often she sits at her desk and looking longingly at the river outside. She longs to swim in the river every day, but she is constantly afraid that someone might see her. She lives in a fear for being seen. The fear she lives with keeps her from doing what she enjoys. As where are told in the short story, it’s a very hot day and she is feeling warm, therefore she decides to go for a swim in the river. The fear has returned and she stops to think if the lust for swimming in the water is worth the fear. She jumps into the river. At this point of the story we can see a kind of development with our main character, she has faced the fear and finally she has fulfilled her desire for swimming in the pleasant river. The fear has helped her develop throughout the story and to be sat free from the fear. The river makes her live in her own world where no one can see her and she becomes invisible for the rest of the world and herself.
In the pleasant river she meets a swan, which makes her anxious but

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