Fear In Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Your fear and adrenaline kick in as you blindly chant this phrase that will forever change the world. You laugh and spit on him as he struggles to carry the cross up the rocky, bloody hill called the “Skull". You still don’t really understand why he is being killed as a criminal, but you mock him anyway, shouting; What kind of King are you? He wails in pain as three nails drive him into his death. You start to realize maybe this was a mistake, maybe I was afraid of the truth. Sadly even today, people are driven by their fear to make horrific choices. In Lord of the Flies the group of boys are filled with the fear of the unknown. This fear transforms these innocent boys into violent savages. The savages ' violent choices…show more content…
In Lord of the Flies, the only one who truly learns and discovers the truth about fear is Simon. On the island the group of boys discover that there may be a beastie. With this thought in their head, some of the boys like Jack have this insane thought of hunting it down. This thought later drives the group of boys to become obsessed about the beast. Simon knew the truth; “maybe there is a beast…what I mean is maybe it’s only us”(Golding 89). Even though no one believes him, Simon continues to try to help the others. To remain human and peaceful Simon takes these long walks through the forest to a place where he can be alone and admire the nature. In one of these walks Simon hallucinates and talks to the Lord of the Flies. He is challenged by this devilish beast; “Aren’t you afraid of me"(143)? Because Simon understands that the true beast is the boys fear that turns them into savages, he simply shakes his head. As Simon returns from his hallucination he sees the man in the parachute that brought fear to the savages. Simon again tries to tell people the truth of the beastie, but falls short. Because the group of boys don’t understand fear, they sadly rip Simon up thinking he was the beast. Simon’s wisdom of the truth can also be compared to Jesus ' knowledge about the true Beast. Like Simon, Jesus also went on a journey and was challenged by the devil. Jesus went 40 days in a desert with no food or water, and when he came back he later died in an inhuman way. People are sometimes unable to face and believe the truth. Jesus was scourged, whipped, stripped, dragged, humiliated, and crucified all because people didn’t believe the truth and didn’t understand their fears. Both Simon and Jesus died as sacrifices. They died for their beliefs that were trying to save human kind. If only people could accept the truth and understand their fears, horrific sacrifices wouldn’t have to be
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