The Fear Of Violent Crime In The Media

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A violent crime is a crime committed with an intention to threaten or cause physical harm to another’s life. An example of this would be a homicide, rape, armed robbery and assault (Walsh, 2008). Due to an increased reporting of violent crimes by both victims and media outlets, it seems that a majority of the crimes happening in society today are violent in nature. Even though violent crimes were much higher in the 19th century than they are today. The society today relies heavily on the media for information regarding violent crime. The media has tended to overhype these crimes meaning that the people getting information from them have a higher illusion about the crime rate in their respective societies. Statistics indicate that for every violent crime the media reports on, there are sixty-five nonviolent crimes that the media ignore. The media also give skewed facts for every violent crime they report. This trend of sensationalizing violent crime should stop. The media should also dedicate some of its attention to other types of crime and bring awareness of other issues that surround the society. Verifying reports on violent crimes is not an easy task since not all incidences of crimes are reported to the police. The police data would not always reflect the actual numbers. It is worth noting that fear of violent crime is greater today than in the past. Some of the causes of violent crimes include; - gangs, poverty, and unemployment, drugs, poor parenting, increased

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