The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)

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Vargas 1 The United States remains the strongest, most prominent nation in the world. One of the main reasons for her strength is that she is proactive when it comes to situations that deal with national security. It has outstanding leadership to keep the country safe as can be. It could not have been succeeded without the cooperation of two marvelous men. The first founders of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) established a program that would deliver national security to the citizens of the United States of America and remain a viable institution far beyond what those founders could have envisioned. In the beginning, there were only seldom federal crimes which consisted of bankruptcy, naturalization, antitrust peonage, and…show more content…
It has a will to protect the United States from terrorist attacks, foreign intelligence operations, and transitional and national crimes. It has many missions, including counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and weapons of mass destruction (“Organization, mission, & Functions: FBI” 1).The FBI’s intelligence responsibilities is to identify threats and it will collect and analyze terrorist threats. Every morning, the Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence branch will inform of the intelligence data that was gathered to the President of the United States (Ackerman, 23). The FBI also has a part of law enforcement duties. The FBI agents will conduct law enforcement training programs, and will also participate in crimes. They collect evidence and provide information about the crimes committed. Professional investigations are conducted and make sure that laws…show more content…
Once these are completed, the United States Secretary of Education has to accredit the schooling that was completed (Ackerman 55). Another important step of the hiring FBI process is to pass the background check and physical fitness test. The person must be an in excellent physical condition to even think about passing the physical test. The applicant also must be able to use firearm, defense tactics, participate in raids, and more (Ackerman 53). The background check “is checking to see the applicant’s character associated, reputation, loyalty, ability, financial responsibilities, biases, or prejudice, and alcohol or drug use” (Ackerman 151). They will check police records, financial record, where the person has lived, went to school, employment activities, and the people the applicant knows (Ackerman 168). “The FBI verifies employment, credentials, educational background, citizenship, birth records, residency, military service, and medical history.” (Ackerman
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